How To Mail Merge Graphics and Photos in Microsoft Word Step By Step

Do you got to place completely different people’s footage and signatures on different letters, produce pic directories or face books, print invites or place cards with logos on them, print pic ID cards? Perhaps you frequently turn out a report with completely different photos in it?

If so, Microsoft Word encompasses a feature which will be for you: mail merging with the embody image field.

Some Examples
I know Associate in Nursing engineering company that produces several web site review reports on a daily basis. The reports area unit all mail incorporate from a similar report model and use embody image to mechanically call in digital photos of the review web site.

Other folks use embody image in sales letter mailings to insert the suitable salesperson’s pic and signature.

I spoke to a woman who’s guilty of manufacturing the annual student pic directory for little faculty. By exploitation embody image, she was able to do what wont to be a five-week job in but one week!

How to Use embody image?

Try to follow the directions terribly, terribly exactly. embody image particular and will not work if you such a lot as breathe on that the incorrect approach.

1. The key to variable pictures is to own a group of pic or image files in an exceedingly folder on your pc or network, and to call the photographs files a similar because the contents of a field within the info. as an example, if you’ve got a info which incorporates a “First Name” field, you would possibly name personnel photos “John.jpg,” “Mary.jpg,” then forth.

2. If you are exploitation Word 2007 or later, Save because the document within the Word ninety seven – 2003 (.doc) format — NOT the Word 2007 (.docx) format. embody image doesn’t add .docx documents as a result of a bug in Word. Do not hassle reportage the bug to Microsoft; they’ve noted concerning it for an extended time.

3. If it is not already elite, choose the information supply (database) into the master document you will be operating with. providing you are exploitation Word 2003 or before, additionally certify that the Mail Merge toolbar is visible in Word’s menu bar; if not: Tools + customize, mark the Mail Merge box.

4. Find wherever you would like to position your image, and insert a picture from the image assortment (any of them can do for now) onto the page within the usual manner exploitation Insert + image + From File. However, don’t press the Insert button as was common when choosing the file. Instead, press the tiny triangle on the proper fringe of that button to induce a three-line menu, and click on “Link to File.” Don’t format or size the image.

5. You are currently able to create the image into a variable image. Press the ALT + F9 key combination. the image you only inserted can become one thing like this on a grey background:
{ embody image “c:staff\\pictures\\John.jpg” \* MERGEFIELD \d }
Note that repeating and pasting the on top of text from this text into Word won’t work; you need to do this procedure as written. Notice that the backslash (“\”) characters within the computer filename area unit doubled-up. This does not talk over with the \* and \d at the end — simply the \\’s within the computer filename. Word needs all backslashes in file names to be doubled. If you ever got to edit the folder names, you need to double up any backslashes that you simply add.

6. Choose and delete the computer filename portion (“John: during this example), however leave the folder name(s) with doubled-up backslashes, and leave the file’s “extension” (.jpg during this case, might be .gif, .bmp, .tif or other). take care that you simply don’t delete the blanks when the . during this example we’ll solely take away “John” and also the line can currently look one thing like:
{ embody image “c\\staff\\pictures\\.jpg”\\* MERGEFIELD\d }

7. Exploit the indicator wherever “John” wont to be, choose the [for Word 2007+: Mailings, Insert Merge Field] or [for Word 2003 and before: Insert Merge Fields button from the Mail Merge toolbar (typically the fifth button from the left)], and choose the info field you would like. during this example, you’d get:
{ embody image “c:staff\\pictures\\{* MERGE FIELD “FirstName” }.jpg”

8. Press ALT + F9 once more to travel back to image read in order that you’ll be able to read your piece of work.

9. Run the [for Word 2007+: Mailings, end & Merge, Edit Individual Documents] or [for Word 2003 and before: Merge to New Document] (not to a printer, fax or e-mail).

10. Do not miss this step, it is very important: choose the new document; Press Ctrl + A; Press F9.

11. Bear the incorporate document and “manually” do any necessary fix ups to image size or rotation.

Is embody image for You?

First, a reality check: as you’ll be able to see from the large pile of queries and comments below, exploitation embody image could be a “project.” In different words, attempt to place it slow into learning this and obtaining it dialed in. If you only got to get one thing done quickly and advance, or if you are the impatient kind, embody image might not be for you; see below the Alternatives… heading below.

For all of its quality, embody image will have some gotchas which will limit its quality to you. Here, i am going to discuss those traps and recommend some ways in which of operating around a number of them.

  • As you’ll be able to see from the directions on top of, you need to 1st Merge To New Document, choose the new incorporate document, press Ctrl + A, and press F9 before saving or printing your new document. meaning giant merges can take longer as a result of you can’t merge on to the printer. Also, the extra steps might need you to specially train anybody World Health Organization may have to run the mail merge operation, together with temporary and replacement employees.
  • You can’t mail merge to e-mail or fax since you need to Merge To New Document. The last purpose are often important as a result of merging on to e-mail or fax is that the solely thanks to create Microsoft Word use e-mail addresses and phone numbers from the info to send your message.
  • You will need to try to to some manual cryptography of mail merge fields. Not a retardant for a few individuals — however a serious issue for others — looking on talent level. ‘Nuf said.
  • All of the photographs which will show up in an exceedingly given position on the page should be a similar size, and you need to not regulate (shrink or stretch) those images’ size in Word. that’s as a result of Word can reset all the incorporate images’ size back to their default (i.e. the dimensions they show up in once you at first Insert a picture into the document) once they area unit incorporate. If you are not operating with too several pictures, you’ll be able to either size all of {the images|the pictures|the pic graphs} before merging them exploitation Photoshop or different photo editor, otherwise you will size every image within the new document when the merge.
  • Portrait-orientation photos can typically be incorporate into the document in landscape orientation, or vice-versa. that is the usual deal for any pictures inserted into a Word document since Word ignores the tags in JPEG photos that describe that approach the camera was turned once the image was snapped. you need to either pre-rotate and save the photos exploitation a picture editor, or manually rotate them within the incorporate Word document.
  • You need to have a picture (or images) for every knowledge record you merge. Otherwise Word can merge in an unsightly X icon whenever no image is offered to match the information. sadly it’s troublesome or not possible to inform word to easily blank out missing pictures.
  • Embody image solely stores {the pictures|the pictures|the photographs}’ file names (not the images themselves) within the new document. meaning that PC you send the incorporate document to should have access to a replica of a similar image files.

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