New Tech Allow You To Watch 3D Movies Without The Glasses


Someday, moviegoers could also be able to watch 3D films from any seat in a very theater while not having to wear 3D glasses, because of a brand new quite show screen.

The new technology, named Cinema 3D, overcomes a number of the barriers to implementing glasses-free 3D viewing on a bigger scale, however it isn’t commercially viable nonetheless, the researchers aforesaid once describing their findings.

Although 3D movies can give distinctive views and experiences, one major downside is that the cumbersome eyewear that moviegoers usually need to wear. Though glasses-free 3D methods exist already, these technologies presently can not be scaled up to show theaters.

For example, glasses-free 3D ways for TV sets typically use a series of slits called a optical phenomenon barrier that’s placed before of the screen. These slits permit every eye to visualize a distinct set of pixels, making the illusion of depth.

However, for optical phenomenon barriers to figure, they need to be placed at a collection distance from viewers. This makes optical phenomenon barriers tough to implement in larger areas like theaters, wherever folks will sit at a spread of distances and angles from the screen.



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In addition, glasses-free 3D displays need to account for the various positions from which individuals square measure observance. This suggests that they need to divide up the restricted range of pixels they project so every viewer sees a picture from where he or she is found, the researchers aforesaid.

“Existing approaches to glasses-free 3D need screens whose resolution necessities square measure therefore huge that they’re utterly impractical,” study author Wojciech Matusik, AN prof of applied science and computing at MIT, aforesaid in a very statement.

But within the new methodology, the researchers used a series of mirrors and lenses to primarily offer viewers a optical phenomenon barrier tailored to every of their positions.

“By careful style of optical components, we will bring home the bacon very-good-quality 3D content while not victimization glasses,” study author Piotr Didyk, a man of science at the Planck Institute for information science and Saarland University, each in Germany, told livescience.

“This is that the initial technical approach that enables for glasses-free 3D on an outsized scale,” Matusik aforesaid in a very statement.

In addition, the scientists reasoned that rather than displaying pictures to each position in a very theater, they’d have to be compelled to show pictures solely to a comparatively little set of viewing positions at every theater seat.

“In our answer, we have a tendency to exploit the layout of the audience in a very cinema,” Didyk aforesaid.
The scientists developed an easy Cinema 3D example that might support a 200-pixel image. In experiments, volunteers may see 3D versions of pixelated figures from variety of various seats in a very tiny theater.

The scientists cautioned that Cinema 3D is presently impractical to implement commercially. For example, their example needs fifty sets of mirrors and lenses, however the screen is simply barely larger than a pad of paper. The researchers hope to create a bigger version of their show and additional boost the image resolution.

“It remains to be seen whether or not the approach is financially possible enough to rescale to a full-blown theater,” Matusik aforesaid in a very statement. “But we have a tendency to square measure optimistic that this is often a very important next step in developing glasses-free 3D for giant areas like show theaters and auditoriums.”

The scientists elaborated their findings July 26 at the SIGGRAPH tricks conference in city, California.

By: Carl Marx
Source: Live Science

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