100 Feet Wide Crack Opens Up in Antarctica

ice berg.jpg

A huge crack can be seen in the Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen C ice shelf in this
aerial image snapped on Nov. 10, 2016, as part of NASA's IceBridge mission.
Credit: NASA/John Sonntag

An ominous crack in Associate in an antarctic ice shelf as wide as a gridiron is long takes on an non-natural beauty in a new aerial image.

Snapped by scientists on NASA’s IceBridge mission, the shot shows a rift in Larsen C, Associate in Nursing ice that’s floating off the Palmer Peninsula. Once the crack eventually spreads across the complete ice, it’ll produce Associate in Nursing iceberg the scale of the state of Delaware, in line with IceBridge. That is around a 2,491 sq. miles (6,451 sq. kilometers).

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As of Nov. 10, once the Ice Bridge scientists ascertained this crack, it had been seventy miles (112 km) long and over three hundred feet (91 meters) wide. The dark depths of the crack plunge down a couple of third of a mile (0.5 km), all the method through the ice to the ocean below.
According to NASA Ice, Associate in Nursing Earth sciences program at NASA, this rift is comparatively new — it showed growth on satellite imaging simply this year. The U.K.-based Antarctic analysis cluster the mythical being Project 1st ascertained the rift in 2014 and has been pursuit it ever since.

Larsen C is Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice, and it holds back the land-based glaciers simply behind it: Once the ice goes, those slow-flowing glaciers have one less barrier in their journey toward the ocean. In 2002, the near ice Larsen B partly folded when showing similar rifting, NASA’s Earth Observatory reported earlier this year, once it showed the collapse aboard a satellite image of the growing Larsen C cleft.

According to the mythical being Project, the ultimate parturition of the Delaware-size sheet of ice would take away between 9% and 12 % of Larsen C’s extent and should result in the crumbling of the complete ice.


Source : Nasa

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