Why you should not watch ‘Leaked Sex Tape’ of celebrities


There are many reasons why you should not watch the leaked sex tape that is doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Primarily, it encourages hackers to invade celebrities privacy when we engage with content that condones events like the Fappening.

But moreover, clicking on the links that claim to redirect you to a site showing NSFW photographs, actually begin a download of malware onto you device.
The online scam tempts Facebook users with the promise of a sex tape featuring actress.
The malware then gains control of your web browsers particularly Google Chrome and clutters sites with advertising for fake lotteries and spams sites with explicit nudity.

According to a team of researchers at Cyren, who have investigated after the scam has spread across social media, it will also gain access to your private Facebook data including your friend list to your private messages in closed chats.

Nowadays, online scammers will go to any lengths to make money with a blatant disregard to their financial victims and the celebrities whom they use as a tool for their devious online profiteering ploys.

It is better not to watch these sex tapes and take initial steps to secure you identity and personal details. For Internet security and you device protection you can install antivirus on it by that it will help you to protect from malware and different types of virus. Norton is one the leading antivirus and protection software among other antivirus in market . You can download it from www.norton.com/setup. And for www.norton.com/setup installation support you can also visit www.thenortonsetup.com 


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