Tech Threat That Keeps On Evolving

Tech support scams are around forever, however they need incessantly evolved to extend their possibilities of extracting cash from their victims.

Classic technical school support scams typically saw associate unsuspecting human receive a decision from a ‘Microsoft agent’ who told them they required to wash their machine of viruses — all the agent required to try to this were the small print of the user’s account, and their bank details, of course.

And scams like this are still allotted, with older and additional vulnerable individuals typically prime targets.

However, whereas ‘classic’ technical school support scams do still occur, scammers have additionally developed new techniques to extend their possibilities of with success extracting cash from their victims.

Evolution Of Technical Support Scams


There are reports in recent years of scammers exploit comments on high-profile stories on social media sites that link back to technical school support scam pages.

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Beware Of Amazon Phishing Scams


Be careful what you click: There’s a replacement phishing scam hit Amazon listings that seem like legitimate deals, providing nice costs on “used – like new” electronics.

If you click these links on Amazon, you’ll be redirected to a really convincing Amazon-looking payment website, wherever the phishy businessperson can grab your cash and run.

In the case of this scam, the phishy merchant—known as Sc-Elegance—has been a thorn in Amazon’s facet for quite whereas. In keeping with Comparitech security research worker (and Naked Security Alumnus) Lee Munson, Sc-Elegance has been rumored to Amazon many times, solely to walk away and conceal till sound copy once more later.

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How The Phish Works

After adding the super-discounted electronics to your cart, if you are attempting to see out together with your things, you’ll be told that the item — suddenly! — isn’t any longer obtainable.

The businessperson can then contact you by email, claiming that it had been all some reasonably mistake which the item continues to be obtainable handily at a rather Amazon-esque link in their email. However that link, as you would possibly suspect, is a fake, created to appear sort of a legitimate Amazon payment website.

Fake payment sites, together with those created by Sc-Elegance, may be quite refined and will fool Associate in nursing unsuspecting customer easily:

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Obama’s New Year Lame Duck Soup


by Tutisicecream


Grizzly Steppe the Crazy Russian Hack according to the DHS/FBI reportage ordered by a failed president.

As anyone working in the IT business knows phishing attacks happen on a regular basis from servers all over the world and are commonplace on the internet. It is also well known that phishing, when taking place is always done from a slave computer, so it is impossible to know the original source. All you can do is block the compromised slave computer from accessing your network. They do not amount to a cyber attacks in the vague parameters laid out in this New Year Grizzly Steppe squib.

However in keeping with the hallmarks of Obama’s foreign policy failures this reportage, as that is all it is, is being used to bolster the false Russian Hacker narrative. To act as a smoke screen for other more pressing issues on the cyber front…

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Australian States Human Rights Commission Website Is Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

anonymous hacker

A group claiming to be a part of the international hacking network Anonymous has seized Australian States Human Rights Commission web site with a nonsensical message regarding its social network AnonPlus.

Instead of the commission’s web site and its pages, a message from AnonPlus seems on the screen that says the cluster is “non-criminal”. It’s unclear why the commission’s web site was targeted.

“Every one that has the goodwill to act is welcome,” the message, that doesn’t create grammatical sense, says.

“AnonPlus spreads ideas while not censorship, creates areas to unfold directly through mass disfigurement, publish news that the media filtered and managed for the consumption of United Nations agency controls, we have a tendency to try this to revive dignity to the operate of the media: media ought to be free, while not censorship and should limit itself to ‘show what’s happening’ and don’t ‘say to US what’s wrong and what’s right’.

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The message continues: “AnonPlus puts offline sites that actively contribute to the management of the lots from the corrupt, that by manipulating data and opinions produce false realities: this can be censorship!

“AnonPlus not act for private or political causes, has no leaders, moves to the interests of the folks and that we can fight till the leadership and therefore the powership can lead into the hand of people: Distinctive owner of the Free World.”

At the top of the message, the cluster writes that no information was purloined or deleted.

“Only home page was chanced,” the message continues. “We don’t seem to be criminal we have a tendency to are AnonPlus.”

There is a link to the group’s Twitter account that was last active regarding period past. The cluster has not skillful requests from Guardian Australia for comment.

On Twitter the commission aforesaid it absolutely was operating to mend the difficulty. “Apologies within the in the meantime for any inconvenience caused,” the tweet aforesaid.

A media representative told Guardian Australia the commission was responsive to the breach and was operating to rectify the difficulty.

“The reason behind today’s activity is unknown,” she said. “No demands are created to the commission. We might wish to explain that no privacy breach has occurred as personal information isn’t continued this website.”