Australian States Human Rights Commission Website Is Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

anonymous hacker

A group claiming to be a part of the international hacking network Anonymous has seized Australian States Human Rights Commission web site with a nonsensical message regarding its social network AnonPlus.

Instead of the commission’s web site and its pages, a message from AnonPlus seems on the screen that says the cluster is “non-criminal”. It’s unclear why the commission’s web site was targeted.

“Every one that has the goodwill to act is welcome,” the message, that doesn’t create grammatical sense, says.

“AnonPlus spreads ideas while not censorship, creates areas to unfold directly through mass disfigurement, publish news that the media filtered and managed for the consumption of United Nations agency controls, we have a tendency to try this to revive dignity to the operate of the media: media ought to be free, while not censorship and should limit itself to ‘show what’s happening’ and don’t ‘say to US what’s wrong and what’s right’.

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The message continues: “AnonPlus puts offline sites that actively contribute to the management of the lots from the corrupt, that by manipulating data and opinions produce false realities: this can be censorship!

“AnonPlus not act for private or political causes, has no leaders, moves to the interests of the folks and that we can fight till the leadership and therefore the powership can lead into the hand of people: Distinctive owner of the Free World.”

At the top of the message, the cluster writes that no information was purloined or deleted.

“Only home page was chanced,” the message continues. “We don’t seem to be criminal we have a tendency to are AnonPlus.”

There is a link to the group’s Twitter account that was last active regarding period past. The cluster has not skillful requests from Guardian Australia for comment.

On Twitter the commission aforesaid it absolutely was operating to mend the difficulty. “Apologies within the in the meantime for any inconvenience caused,” the tweet aforesaid.

A media representative told Guardian Australia the commission was responsive to the breach and was operating to rectify the difficulty.

“The reason behind today’s activity is unknown,” she said. “No demands are created to the commission. We might wish to explain that no privacy breach has occurred as personal information isn’t continued this website.”


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