Tech Threat That Keeps On Evolving

Tech support scams are around forever, however they need incessantly evolved to extend their possibilities of extracting cash from their victims.

Classic technical school support scams typically saw associate unsuspecting human receive a decision from a ‘Microsoft agent’ who told them they required to wash their machine of viruses — all the agent required to try to this were the small print of the user’s account, and their bank details, of course.

And scams like this are still allotted, with older and additional vulnerable individuals typically prime targets.

However, whereas ‘classic’ technical school support scams do still occur, scammers have additionally developed new techniques to extend their possibilities of with success extracting cash from their victims.

Evolution Of Technical Support Scams


There are reports in recent years of scammers exploit comments on high-profile stories on social media sites that link back to technical school support scam pages.

More recently, technical school support scammers have additionally been more and more adopting the ways of ransomware attackers.

As way back as 2014, Symantec featured a diary on Ransom. Support Scam, a threat that used a ‘blue screen of death’ to trick individuals into thinking their laptop was latched, before guiding them to dial a signal that ultimately connected them with the scammers.


Carrying out technical school support scams during this manner created life easier for scammers, as they now not required an info of phone numbers to call; the victims would virtually come back to them.

A variant thereon blue screen of death trick was according as being employed as recently as August of this year. Meanwhile, Malwarebytes according recently a couple of new scam that posts a ransom note on people’s devices, with a fee variety that they’ll decision to possess their computers unsecured.


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However, once the quantity is termed, the victim is place through to scammers who haven’t any intention of unlocking the device.

According to Malwarebytes, this is often real ransomware, instead of simply a screen locker, and that they have details on their diary for its removal.

A Symantec diary additionally recently mentioned however code obfuscates were being employed in technical school support scams; a replacement development seemingly aimed toward creating them tougher for security vendors to find.

A Global Issue

It’s clear from these examples that technical school support scams, despite being around a protracted time and receiving in depth attention, are still a threat to users.


From January to Gregorian calendar month this year, Symantec according that its Intrusion Protection System (IPS) blocked over 157 million technical school support scams worldwide. It additionally according that the foremost targeted countries were the U.S., the UK, and Canada.

So, What Are You Able To Do To Shield Yourself?

  • Ensure you have got a comprehensive security resolution in password on your system to assist block attacks.
  • Regularly update code to stop attackers from exploiting famous vulnerabilities.
  • If wedged by these scams, don’t decision the quantity within the pop-up windows.
  • Perform regular backups of vital files.
  • Do not pay any ransom demands as doing thus might encourage the cybercriminals, and there’s no guarantee file encryption can work.

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