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At a time within which company network directors feel safer than ever — what reasonably security issues ought to a corporation be centered on once most worker pcs run their applications within the cloud? — This month’s edition of our “Tech Headlines Digest” underscore the fact that no computer security answer works 100% of the time, and the way you’ll be able to most with efficiency prepare yourself and your internal IT systems.

In November, hackers continuing to use their new favorite attack vector — malicious image files — to allegedly unfold ransomware over social media. Meanwhile, a security professional from Google expressed the opinion that ancient antivirus software system does not work that the only way to maintain complete network security is to stop all unknown software system from running. Trying to broaden its product choice, antivirus company Symantec has noninheritable LifeLock — a corporation that does not market a pc security product the least bit. Scan on to find out additional concerning the highest school headlines from the most recent edition of the security-focused roundup.

Google Security Specialist Warns Antivirus software system Is Ineffective

The Story: Speaking at the New Zealand hacker conference Kiwicon X, Google security engineer Darren rabbit-eared bandicoot noted ancient antivirus software system as “magic” that “[does] not work.” Elaborating any, rabbit-eared bandicoot explained that antivirus software system will ne’er be actually effective against unknown threats — and once security researchers discover a brand new virus, it’s actually because it’s already compromised some systems. With such a lot of firms currently victimization largely cloud-based apps, Bilby said, computers on company networks solely ought to run a couple of native applications. It is, therefore, safest to whitelist approved applications and block the execution of all different software system.

Small Business Takeaway: victimization cloud-based applications will go a protracted method toward rising the safety of any company network. If your business has already affected to a cloud network, square measure you continue to permitting users to run applications locally? Perhaps it is time to re-think your security policies.

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Obama’s New Year Lame Duck Soup


by Tutisicecream


Grizzly Steppe the Crazy Russian Hack according to the DHS/FBI reportage ordered by a failed president.

As anyone working in the IT business knows phishing attacks happen on a regular basis from servers all over the world and are commonplace on the internet. It is also well known that phishing, when taking place is always done from a slave computer, so it is impossible to know the original source. All you can do is block the compromised slave computer from accessing your network. They do not amount to a cyber attacks in the vague parameters laid out in this New Year Grizzly Steppe squib.

However in keeping with the hallmarks of Obama’s foreign policy failures this reportage, as that is all it is, is being used to bolster the false Russian Hacker narrative. To act as a smoke screen for other more pressing issues on the cyber front…

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The Mysterious Connection Between Wolves and Women (Video)

Wolf Is My Soul

October 03, 2016   Source

“Millennia of humans have gathered around fires to hear words that transferred hard-won wisdom and allowed dreams of unlimited possibilities. In a modern world that limits wisdom to ‘facts,’ and women’s access even to those, Dr. Estes has restored the fire-for us all.” Gloria Steinem, author of Revolution from Within.
All strong women who believe the Spirit heals.. who believe in spirituality, myth and medicine of the soul, should read this amazing work. It is a truly profound spiritual testimony to the Wild Wolf Woman within!

A healthy woman is much like a wolf – strong life force, life-giving, territorily aware, intuitive and loyal. Yet separation from her wildish nature causes a woman to become meager, anxious, and fearful.

With the wild nature as ally and teacher, we see not through two eyes only, but through the many eyes of intuition. With intuition we…

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Enlightened Song – Jasper Kerkau

Secret First Draft: Member of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


The sky rumbles, the wet smell of calamity broods on the horizon. Domestic fires glow in fireplace; meals are scraped into trash—soothing waves of time lap at my naked feet, reclined in chair, unaware of the great journey, unprepared to place soft heel on coarse ground and drudge into the coiling madness, unnecessarily acquainted with discomfort and solitude.

Ah, the righteous path! It comes quickly: fury and merciless tragedy thrust me into a great comedy of unexpected sadness—lost and silent, woefully unprepared for the world on new terms. I learned to live on nothing, bitter flowers plucked and left under pillow, clay and dry-bone extracted from a lie. The nectar of life that wets my lips sours, a harsh vinegar churned with cold hands!

Who are you now–after being lost? The shrill voice of self-doubt wakes me from the great slumber. I place my ear to the ground and hear…

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Human memory could be a liability in cyber security. Passwords square measure a vital a
part of existing on the web, and most of them square measure terrible. however they’re
terrible permanently reason: Passwords got to be remembered and long, obscure phrases
engineered out of letters, numbers, and symbols square measure laborious, thus folks
tend to choose up one thing basic like abc123, and so leave it alone till they’re
eventually hacked and barred out of their email.

Password managers square measure apps that generate and store distinctive passwords,
matched to the sites that require them, dead encrypted figurative vaults. Last Pass is
simply one during a growing field of arcanum manager apps, and yesterday it proclaimed
that it had been increasing its free service to figure on multiple devices. Previously,
victimisation identical Last Pass account on a phone, computer, tablet, etc, needed
language up for the company’s premium service, at $12 a year.

“We cannot expect everybody to possess sturdy and distinctive passwords for each
website and repair they use”, says Jeffrey Rube Goldberg UN agency runs security
analysis for Agile Bits, the corporate that creates arcanum, a unique arcanum manager.
Security isn’t all-or-nothing, says Rube Goldberg, however instead it’s habits which
will be improved over time, and arcanum managers square measure one amongst those.
Would a free-to-use arcanum manager mean additional folks adopt the habit? Rube
Goldberg is skeptical, and says that it’s additional regarding the habit than the worth
(Goldberg additionally notes that 1 password offers free trial months, and alternative
managers do further, that is a way to urge folks to be told the habit before touch the
hurdle of price.

If you think that, “Who would wish to interrupt into my DVR?” the solution is anyone UN
agency needs to use it as a platform for assaultive a additional high valued target.
If you’re already employing a arcanum manager, square measure there advantages to you
from alternative users adopting higher arcanum security habits? Security knowledgeable
Bruce Schneier is deeply skeptical;“If you do not use one, it does not shield you —
despite what number others use it.”
“In a connected world your security is my security,” says Rube Goldberg, taking a
additional holistic read. Most serious attacks do not return directly from the
attacker’s systems. Instead they are available from systems that the aggressor has
already compromised. Thus if you think that, “who would wish to interrupt into my DVR?”
the solution is that anyone UN agency needs to use it as a platform for assaultive a
additional high valued target.”
Earlier this year, the Director of National Intelligence named the web of things as a
serious threat to America, and simply last month, a huge attack on a website name
server company from hacked, net of things devices stop working swathes of the web.
Others putt higher passwords, and managed passwords, on their devices won’t build
anyone else’s dangerous passwords any stronger, however it’ll build it tougher to
attackers to require over unsecured devices, that makes the web safer for United States
of America all.